The mission of Fort Hunt Little League is to provide a quality youth baseball program for the Fort Hunt community.

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The FHLL board is excited about the start of the 2002 Fall Season!  The dedicated members of the board have been working hard to make sure that all necessary steps have been taken to get your players safely out on the field.   The plan is to have the fall season begin with practices the week of August 24th and run through the end of October.  Every division will be represented this fall season.

Several things to help you plan for the fall season:

  1. Safety ProtocolsThe board has developed a detailed list of protocols to keep our players and families as safe as possible.  The protocols are based on recommendations from the federal, state, and local governments and Little League International.   In addition to the safety protocols put in place for social distancing, we are working with the commissioners on additional guidance for tee ball, Single A and Double A divisions.  The safety protocols are posted on the FHLL website under the Safety tab. Please note that these protocols are subject to change as we move toward the start of the season.
  1. Waiver - As part of the new safety protocols, we are asking that all families sign a COVID-19 waiver and agree to follow all protocols to keep everyone safe.  A copy of the waiver can be found on the FHLL website under the Safety tab.   When you register for the fall season, you will be asked to electronically sign the form.  Players will not be able to start play until the waiver is completed.
  1. Equipment - We are asking families to donate any used equipment, particularly bats, helmets, and catcher’s gear.   Per the safety protocols, players are unable to share equipment.  This means that families will need to make sure that their player has their own glove, bat, helmet, etc.  To help families, particularly the younger families, off-set some of the costs of equipment, we are looking for donations so that we can provide equipment to families.  We appreciate your consideration.  When you register, you will have the opportunity to provide the league with feedback on your potential need for equipment.
  1. Training Program – beginning the week of August 10th and continuing through the end of the fall season, FHLL will be providing training opportunities for players ages 7 through 12.  The training will include small group lessons provided by professional coaches with a focus on pitching, hitting and catcher position training.   To be eligible for the training program, players must be registered for the fall season.  There will be no additional cost for the training program.  More details to follow shortly.
  1. Registration Limits - UPDATE: REGISTRATION IS CLOSED  FOR THE FALL SEASON  FHLL will be limiting registration for each of the divisions based upon the number of managers that we have available.   We will simply not be able to continue to take registration if we do not have volunteers to run teams.  In the past, if we did not have enough managers, we simply increased the number of players per team.   Due to COVID-19, we want to maintain team size to help managers control practices and games.   So unfortunately, we will need to limit registration this season.  This means that if we fill all the teams, you will be waitlisted for the fall season.  If waitlisted, then there is a chance that we will not be able to accommodate your player this fall season. Please note that we will continue to work to identify managers to handle the number of registered players but if we do not have volunteers, we will simply not be able to accommodate all players this season.   We are sorry for any players that are waitlisted, however, we must take all steps to keep player and families safe. 
  2. Refunds - The goal for the fall season is to provide as much baseball for as many players as possible.   We are hopeful that we will make it through the entire season.  That said, if we are required to close the league due to health issues as directed by federal, state, or local government or by the direction of Little League International, then we will do so. If that occurs prior to October 1, 2020, then FHLL will provide a refund equal to 100% of your registration fee.  If the closure occurs after October 1, 2020, then FHLL will be able provide a refund equal to 75% of your total registration fee.   The league has done everything it can to reduce it costs including postponing two critical field improvement projects.  We will continue to limit expenses to a minimum in the fall season.

We look forward to seeing all of you out on the fields this fall!

by FHLL posted 07/21/2020
Dugout Swap

Dugout Swap

As we prepare to return to play, and in accordance with the safety guidelines provided by the CDC, state, and local governments as well as Little League International, the sharing of any player equipment will be prohibited, except if the players sharing are members of the same household. The common equipment includes, but is not limited to the following:

• Bats

• Helmets

• Gloves

• Catcher’s gear

This restriction will require each player to be have their own bat and helmet (in additional to a glove) if the player does not already have their own. Because of this impending need, FHLL is asking for equipment donations to increase its inventory of the above gear to comply with the safety guidelines. FHLL is asking everyone to look through garages, attics, and sheds for items to donate to The Dugout Swap. All donated equipment will be properly sanitized prior to distribution to players.

On behalf of the FHLL board and all the league, thank you for your consideration and generous equipment donations.

The Dugout Swap Team

by FHLL posted 02/29/2020
Calling All Umpires!

Already going to Your Kids' Games?

Love Baseball and Want to Do More Than Just Watch?

How about volunteering as a Little League Umpire!!

Download our Umpire Flyer or contact for more information!

by FHLL posted 12/31/2019
Message from the FHLL President

Welcome to Fort Hunt Little League

          We’re pleased to host one of Northern Virginia’s highest quality baseball programs for children ages 4 through 18. We continue a long tradition of community baseball in the historic Fort Hunt area of Fairfax County dating to our founding in 1956.

          Fort Hunt Little League Baseball is dedicated to preparing youngsters to meet the challenges of life by developing physical and mental disciplines essential to success through competitive sports and the great game of baseball.

          We play baseball three seasons starting with spring baseball capped off with end-of-season Fun Tournaments for players who want to play post-season tournament-style play against other District 9 teams followed by Little League All-Star play in summer plus clinics for youngsters aged 5 through 8 in mid to late summer.

          Fall Ball typically starts a week ahead of Labor Day and continues into early November.

          Spring - Registration for the Spring Season opens the first week in January and typically closes the third weekend in February except for T-Ball which remains open until the second weekend in March and the Seniors Division which doesn't close until the 10th or so of May.

Registration for Fall Ball typically opens after July 4th and closes the third week in August.

Fort Hunt Little League Baseball is successful because of the thousands of volunteers who served in League positions both large and small over the years. You can volunteer when you register your player or by contacting me or any FHLL Board member.

Contact me for additional information.

Best - Josh

Josh Cramer, President
(c) 202-491-7155

by posted 09/01/2019
We Value Our Sponsors!

We Value Our Sponsors!

SPONSORS – Sponsor contributions provide uniforms and equipment and field and facility improvements. Sponsors are recognized in a number of ways and are all published in our very popular Spring Book which contains photos and rosters of all teams plus Ads for every Sponsor.

Team Sponsors have their name imprinted on player jerseys plus they each have an Ad in the Spring Book.

Banner Sponsors are displayed in a banner on the outfield fence at two of our most prestigious diamonds plus they each have an Ad in the Spring Book.

Full-page color Ads in the Spring Book are real attention getters as are individualized Business Card ads.

Let us show you how sponsoring FHLL is a win-win-win - benefiting you, your company and our many Little Leaguers.

Thanks for your support of Fort Hunt Little League!

Visit our Sponsor Page for more information.

by posted 01/01/2016
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Bat Regulations

Please read these Little League International Official Bat Rules before purchasing a bat for use in FHLL.

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Volunteer Spotlight

All local Little Leagues are driven and sustained by volunteers, and the volunteer category that we (and other locals LLs) struggle to fill more than any other?  Not surprisingly it is the role of Umpire.  Please consider volunteering for this most critical role - see the FHLL Umpire links on the FHLL page for information.